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Affordable dental crowns in Budapest!

Dental crowns are the easiest way to restore damaged teeth. Dental crowns are made of porcelain, metal or a mixture of the two. Dental crowns have an aesthetical and protective function as well. They serve as little caps which are inserted on the top of your damaged teeth and are shaped and coloured like your real teeth.

How is a crown made?

First your dentist in Budapest will grind the damaged part of your tooth and clean it under local anaesthesia. As a second step an impression of your tooth will be made and sent to a dental laboratory. While your dental crown is being prepared you will be required to wear a temporary dental crown.
The dentist will contact you once the permanent dental crown is ready and invite you for a second appointment to the dentistry. If you are happy with the dental crown the dentist will cement it to your tooth.

With good dental hygiene dental crowns will protect your teeth for 10-15 years in average!

Five things You must know about dental crowns

1. Is it possible for my dental crown to come off?

Unlikely, but occasionally a dental crown can come. In this case the crwon has to be replaced immediately , due to tooth sensitivity and aesthetic appearance. In this case its necessary to contact the dentist as soon as possible.

2. How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

A dental crown can lest up to 15 years according the information which is provided by the producers. On the other hand the lifetime of a dental crown is defined mostly by your eating and other habbits which are pertaining to the mouth. When you have a crown you should avoid habits like :
-fingernail biting,
-ice chewing,
-teeth grinding.
All these shorten the lifetime of a dental crown. Dont’ forget that a dental crown does not mean that you should not brush your teeth atleast twice a day and floss once a day.

3. Why Is a Dental Crown Needed?

Dental crowns can be necessay in the following sitations.
- when a broken tooth has to be protected, they can hold parts of a broken tooth together.
- for restoring worn down or broken teeth
- If a broken tooth has to be supported for example in case of a filling
- To hol dental bridges in place (innene át lehetne menni a bridges oldalra is?)
- Dental implants are always covered with crowns.(innen meg az implantra)

4. How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

Dental crowns have different cost depending on the material of the crown. Porcelain crown fused to metal/(to gold) with aesthetic shoulder (+gold price) cost £ 337, a Porcelain crown fused to (metal free ) Zirconium costs £ 437, a Full Porcelain crown £ 527 and a temporary crown costs only £ 57.

5. What Types of Crown Materials Are Available?

Permanent crowns can be made from all metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all resin, or all ceramic.
Metal crowns Compared with other crowns need less tooth structure to be removed with. They withstand biting and all other forces a lot better than other crowns. As well they don’t chip or break as often as other crowns. The only drawback is the metallic color of the crown and because of this are metallic crowns a good choice in case of molars which are not in sight.
Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns can be color matched. These crowns do look most similar to real teeth. On the other hand the porcelain part of the crown can chip or break in the same way like real teeth, and the metal part can show thru a gray line at the gum line.
All-ceramic or all-porcelain dental crowns provide the best natural color match than any other crown type and may be more suitable for people with metal allergies. These are not as strong as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.

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