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Dental tourism - dental treatment in Hungary

Affordable dental implants at a top class dentistry in Hungary, full range quality dental services abroad in Budapest, dental tourism experience, dental treatment abroad.

Implant consultation and after care in London.

How can you achieve 40-70% savings on your dental implants in Budapest, with your dentist in Hungary?

  • Dental Implant with a 5 year guarantee from £495 (£ 1200 Savings)
  • Dental Implant with a 10 year guarantee from £725 (£ 1400 Savings)
  • Premium Dental Implant with a 10 year guarantee from £1125 (£ 1800 Savings)
  • Other Quality Dental Implants from 337 GBP

Should I get treatment in London or should I go for dental tourism, and fly to your dentistry in Hungary?

  • If you need more than one implant, or complicated oral surgery, considering dental holiday and dental treatment abroad might be right for you.

With dental holiday and dental treatment abroad, your treatment will be more cost effective and you will still receive full after care in London.

  • Discuss all your dental treatment abroad with your dentist
  • Flying out for your dental treatment abroad
  • Get your dental implants in Hungary with full aftercare and follow-up in London
  • Enjoy the benefits of your dental holiday, exploring beautiful Budapest and surroundings

Dental holiday is something many patients explore due to soaring private healthcare fees, including dental treatment abroad options in top class medical care.

Dental treatment abroad is the perfect solution for all cases, having your dental implants with your dentist in Hungary will not only save you money, it will offer you the perfect enjoyable dental holiday!

During your dental treatment abroad you can explore the city, rest at the famous thermal baths, dine at the finest restaurants of city center, enjoy cultural programs while visiting your dentist in Budapest. Dental tourism in the lovely city of Budapest is something more than just dental care! Dental tourism has become a common term in households, and people are travelling from all over the world to receive dental treatment abroad!

Having your dental treatment abroad and your dental implants abroad will get you smiling once again.

-> Dentist in Hungary, Dentist in Budapest and Dentist in London

How is Forest&Ray different from other dental practices?

  • Forest&Ray runs two modern private dental clinics in London and in Budapest/Hungary offering you the same quality service to you any time you need with an option of choosing between the two locations, dentistry at the local clinic, or dental treatment abroad, in Budapest, Hungary. Have your dental implants in Hungary, experience dental tourism, have your aftercare and follow-up with your hungarian dentist in London.
  • Forest&Ray provides the service of staff with international experience in dental tourism, dental treatment abroad, booking a full cultural dental holiday experience for foreign clients. Experience having dental treatment abroad and dental implants in Hungary with the support and full guidance of great staff, experience dental tourism on a whole new level.
  • Beat the credit crunch with our affordable prices of dentistry with dental treatment abroad in Hungary and save up to 40- 60% of your costs.
  • Our Credit finance offers a real solution to your money problems, also available for dental treatment abroad options and dental tourism discounts.
  • We guarantee full follow up treatment after dental implant abroad treatment and any surgical procedures required for dental implants and dental rehabilitation: you don't need to risk your ongoing dental health and you can be confident that your permanent after care will be assured in London after your dental treatment abroad experience.
  • See your dentist in Budapest, opt for dental holiday, get your dental implants in Hungary, be looked after at home in London, make your dental holiday something to remember!
  • More than 1000 satisfied patients and 400 implants a year is an absolute guarantee of high quality service with careful attention paid to all customer needs. Dentists in Hungary have international experience, making dentistry in Budapest and dental treatment abroad well known for professionalim and high standard of care.

-> Two modern private dental clinics in London and in Budapest, affordable implant prices, satisfied patients, dental tourism guidance.


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FAQ, Dental Tourism, Dental treatment abroad, Dental Holiday in Budapest

Dental treatment abroad, Dentistry in Hungary, Dental tourism at its best!

How can you achieve significant savings with us?

  • Compare our prices and save up to 60%-70% on your dental treatment abroad, visit a dentist in Hungary, enjoy your dental holiday and all the benefits dental tourism has to offer.

Pay Ł3-4000 at the dentistry in Hungary instead of 10.000 in London for your dentalimplants.

Dental implants abroad with your dentist in Budapest is cost effective and Budapest is only a 2,5 hour flight away from London.

Why have an overpriced dental treatment plan when you can receive one for a lot less abroad by visiting a dentist in Budapest, having your dental implants in Hungary!

Introduction to Dental Tourism, Dental treatment abroad, meet your Dentist in Budapest, Dental implants in Hungary

How long will my stay be in Budapest?

Dental treatment abroad requires one or more visits to the dentistry in Budapest. You will be advised by your Hungarian dentist about the length of treatment and the number of visits required on your Dental Implant Consultation day.

The dental condition of your teeth will be thoroughly assessed and a detailed treatment plan including visits to the dentistry in Budapest will be made and discussed with you during your consultation. Information regarding you dental tourism programs will be discussed as well, to make your dental treatment abroad an enjoyable dental holiday.

Dental implants in Hungary require an initial 5-7 day stay in Budapest and a 6 day return to the dentistry in Hungary after 4- 6 months.

Veneers usually require an approx. 5-7 day stay or a double 1 or 2 day long visit to the dentistry in Hungary.

For other types of dental treatments, dental implants in Hungary, full introduction to a dental holiday, information on dental treatment abroad, please contact our friendly team with experience in international dental tourism and dental holiday bookings. Speak with your dentist in Budapest for an online quote and estimate regarding your dental implants in Hungary.

Dental holiday and dental tourism combined with Dental treatment abroad

If I decide to visit your dentistry in Hungary, how long am I expected to wait?

Arranging your visit to our dentistry in Budapest for dental treatment abroad takes approximately 2 weeks. If required, information on accommodation options and assistance on leisure activities are included, with the help of professional staff members with great knowledge of the city. In case you have already booked your flight ticket, we might be able to fully organize your dental holiday visit within a couple of hours.

Save on your dental treatment abroad! Have your initial consultation in London, visit our dentistry in Hungary for treatment, enjoy your dental holiday!

We provide consultations in our London clinic and a full introduction to dental tourism, its benefits and all steps to having dental treatment, dental implants abroad!

Budapest - High International Standards

Dentists in Hungary are known for their outstanding international standard, making a dental holiday an experience to remember. We can make your dental treatment abroad as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible, we provide assistance throughout your treatment at our dentistry in Budapest, from accommodation to leisure services for your dental holiday spent in Budapest.


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