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Get an affordable dental treatment in our world class dentistry in Budapest.


1015 Budapest, Hattyú u. 14, Hattyúház, 5th  floor

Non-stop multilangual service.

Address of another Surgery:

1052 Budapest, Haris köz 5. Bell 16.

• The clinic is located in the world famous Castle District.
• It is only an 2,5 hour flight away from London.
• It provides high quality treatment at excellent prices.


• The surgery uses the latest and most modern dental techniques and equipment for all dental implants, dental bridges, dental crowns, dental veneers and dental inlays.

• Should you need any complementary dental treatment such as teeth whitening, please don't hesitate to discuss it with our internationally experienced dentist!

Dental treatment in Budapest is considerably cheaper than in London so why not choose it?

Dr. Furstner at work

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