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Affordable dental veneers in Hungary!

Veneers are safe and an easy way to improve your smile. Consult our dentist in Central London and get an immediate quote. You can choose between having your treatment in Budapest or in London. Both consultation and after care take place in London.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin porcelain, ceramic or composite laminates placed on chipped, broken or discoloured teeth. Veneers have aesthetic and protective roles as well. Once a veneer is placed it protects the damaged surface of your teeth. Two sorts of placement of veneers are available.

How long does it take to fit the veneers?

The actual work needs two appointments. Your dentist will provide you with a personalised treatment plan during the first consultation. As a first step your teeth will be ground and their surface cleaned. A part of your enamel the size of the veneer will be removed by your dentist and an impression of the actual teeth taken. As long your veneers are in preparation a protective temporary veneer will be placed on your teeth.

During the second appointment with your dentist you will try on the new permanent veneers to see how they fit. Once you are happy with the size and shape of your veneers, the dentist will remove the temporary veneers and clean your teeth again. Permanent veneers will be cemented to your teeth and polished.

Typical porcelain veneers usually last 5-10 years; composite veneers need to be changed after 1-2 years.


Top 9 questions about veeners

1. Are Veneers covered by insurance?

In general no. In most cases it is considered as an elective treatment and because of that not covered. Some treatment plans may allow for veneer treatment in special circumstances.

2. Will it hurt?

No. There should be no feeling of discomfort during the procedure. After the first visit it can happen that the patient can experiences a slight degree of discomfort, but nothing that couldn't be handled with an ordinary Aspirin or Tylenol. Compared to other cosmetic treatments a person can undergo, a veneer is the least uncomfortable and results are immediate.

3. How long does it take?

The procedure takes only two visits. The procedure takes several hours each. Despite of this the patients find the experience generally enjoyable.

4. How will my teeth look between the two visits?

After the first visit all the preparatory work is done. The look of the teeth after the first session is very close to the end look. In case of veneers there is not healing time like in case of other cosmetic treatments.

5. If only my upper or lover teeth would be done, would they not look like if they don’t match?

A lot depends on the smile of the patient. Depending on how much the patient shows of his teeth when he or she smiles. In cases where the lower teeth are more visible whitening is usually enough to handle the contrast. In some situations, both upper and lower teeth need to be done. Some patients who wanted a complete change of their smile, had both their upper and lower teeth done.

6. Are there any risks to tooth structure?

In general no. But as it is with all the dental treatments, cosmetic or other there can be exceptions. This procedure can not be reversed. But only half of a millimeter, or even less is removed to get space to fit the veneers on the teeth. This is a lot less than with other caps or crowns. A porcelain veneer is very strong, so it does protect the treated area well.

7. What does a veneer cost?

A Porcelain veneer costs £ 327, and a Porcelain veneer with Zirconium costs £ 478 which is ruffly the cost of a crown.

8. Does the veneer protect your tooth from decay?

Unluckily no. The veneer will not decay under any circumstances but the tooth itself, and the surrounding teeth are the same way prone to decay. But good oral hygiene is the best protection agains any decay.

9. How long will a veneer last?

Typical porcelain veneers usually last 5-10 years; composite veneers need to be changed after 1-2 years. That is the same time given for how long a crown will last, however we have many patients with crowns that are decades old.

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